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Found My Niche

Posted by mariati aromatherapy on May 3, 2013 at 5:00 PM Comments comments (0)

After I left school in 1974, I became a nurse in Singapore General Hospital for about 6 years. My ambition is to became a Medical Doctor but unfotunately I father died just after I left school, so I did not pursued my studied.I resigned being a nurse and  started working and studied commercial in the evening at the same time supporting my mother and 6 younger siblings, I have 12 members in the family and am number 7. I have been working as a Secretary and Personal Assistant to a Directors in MNC companies and my last job is a Property Agent which earning more then a nurse and other professions pay. I got married to a local singaprean man due to our love at the age of 28 years old and beared 4 beautiful daughters. I began to stay home for few years in order to take care of them. But happiness is not on our side and my matrimonial  life began strumbling upside down..after 15 years of married, terrible, horrible and I began suicidal as I could not take anymore traumatic incidents physically, mentally and emotitonally. AllahuAkbar! that the worst part of my life.

I managed to pulled myself thru and realising that I can do better with better prospects and better future, so I consulted my Mom that I am going away to pursue my studies somewhere overseas as after my Court Case, as my 4 daughters wanted to stay with their father. Despairs, sobbing all through and very dissappointed what I have gone thru.

My Mom was a tradiitional massage therapist cum healer and she dealt with pregnancy and childbirth too, so one day I asked my Mom,

quote.. why are you massaging sick people with one type of massage oil for all ailments? I notice you are using "hot massage oil" (mixing wintergreen, cooking oil and lemongrass oil) ?

She replied.. this are the only oils I have.
I said.. I think using "hot massage Oil" is  not very good. You know that if Doctors can prescribe different medicines for different  ailments, then you should also applied the same with different oils for different ailments.
She replied... I cant find others, better then my "hot massage Oils"
I said.. Do you know that "hot massage oils" can damaged the skin? dermis and epidermis, cause skin irritation etcs?
She replied... hmm what to do, maybe you (I) should find out somewhere..
I said..sure, I will search until i find and i said to myself, this is the right time for me to LET GO AND LET GOD ... to find my mission impossible passion. Unquote

At that moment I realised and felt  something was there for me to search. And I searched, finally I found in the Internet "Aromatherapy" very interesting course. I decided to pursue my studies and  stayed in London for 12 years, the last 2 years was sponsored by LEE Foundation in my Aromatherapy in Pregnancy & Childbirth. During my studied in London I was attached in few hospics and hospitals for my attachement and case studies. I went to France to studied perfumeries and skincare under my own expenses.

I came back to Singapore without a home and looking to setup my Aromatherapy Clinic with ZERO capital a Sole Proprietor, way back at Orchard Plaza and that was my home cum Clinic. During my practising in my clinic, I started to trained students in massage and years goes by, I expanded to a Training Centre, giving Workshops and Seminars. Working on my case studies and researched of my products that I blended for my clients days and nites, no family members supported is a  hard time, no social life, for me doing alone in my business so I decided to develop my own products and Brand. It took me 10 years to develop my own Branding from one brand to another brand and the Corporate Concept that  not even Government subsidaising me in my business. Though aromatherapy business was good for me, but the profits that I am making plunged back to my working capital for expansion. Of course there was profit and loss in every businesses, but i stayed cool, firm and focus to achieve my mission in my life,

Allahu Akbar, Subhanaallah and Alhamdullillah!! I managed and finally pulled through my life again. My life was not really stressful as I understood that the Power of Aromatherapy Oils could helps and gave me positive attitude, strengthened my physiological, mental, emotion, spiritual, wisely guided and intellectually. The passioned that I have gone through was so miraclelously been what I am today, which I realised and finally found my niche within my niche in life.

The ideal job for me, being a nurse was to handle sick and needy people. Nurturing, healing, touching on so many level with different people walks of life, regardless races or religions  giving full attention and giving unconditional love. To care and share. The Touch of Unconditional Love. This what I become, from ZERO capital, lonely  single woman/mother and now having my family back. The true Joy and Achievement with this too, I dedicated, appreciated, grateful and thankful to my Allah,  my Late Mother who has inspired and motivated me, my 4 daughters, previous and current staffs who had supported me in every ways, without them, I will not be what I am now. A BLESSING IN DISGUISE to achieve my goal from one mission to another new mission, the journey of my life a mission need to be fulfilled as I found my niche i.e. happiness, peace and harmony within me now, insyallaah. 

By Hajjah Mariati, The Founder/CEO of Institute of Aromatherapy Enhancement Pte Ltd, Aromatherapy Clinic & Spa, Mariati Aromatherapy Pharmacy


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