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Institute of Aromatherapy Enhancement Pte Ltd was born out of desire to share the wonders of Essential Oils & Massage and how can one use them. It started way back since 1988 as Traditional Aromatherapy & Body Mind Workshop and Incorporated 2003

To be the HUB of Excellence in Aromatherapy for a Healthy Lifestyles & Wellness.

- To be the choice Institute for the learning of Aromatherapy and true of Massage
- To be the dominant choice for our customers, employees and shareholder
- To produce new and innovative products for the well-being of the community
- To provide the complete package of services that will compliment our products that are safe and effective.
- To facilitate Researched & Development to produce wide range of top quality products as well as customized brands

To Our Customers
We value our customer and commit ourselves to actively improve our services and products.
To Our Members
We care for our members, recognize their importance and strive to raise the prestige of their membership.
To Our Employees
We care for our people. We will create a conducive work environment that is safe and will help them to balance their family and work commitments. We will recognize their efforts and develop them to their full potential.
To Our Community
We pledge to be a good Corporate citizen by always acting professionaly and ethically in all matters.
To continuously improve our services and products in order to exceed our customers' expectations.

It has never been simply a business but rather a passion for those that has envisioned it. It grew because of the need here in Singapore and round the world, to provide the knowledge plus making available a wide range of top quality therapeutic Aromatherapy Massage Oils. It seems essential to be involved in the art of massage too, as touch is one of the most important things mankind can experience to maintain healthy growth, a strong immune system and also strong bonding between mankind.

Institute of Aromatherapy Enhancement Pte Ltd was expanded into a Full Stand-Alone Training & Education Centre for Aromatherapy Pregnancy & Childbirth, Infertility/Conceiving Massage Comprehensive Course, Manufacturing In-House-Preparation Aromatherapy Products ~ Massage/Therapeutic Oils,  Haircare, Skincare, Bodycare, Pregnancy care, Perfumeries, Toiletries through our Case Studies and Researched & Development since we established year 1988. Its very positive to the effect that is t niched market for our products and services locally and globally.

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