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Development Portfolio::

Within a span of 27 years from 1988 to 2015,  the major achievements to the credit of Institute of Aromatherapy Enhancement Pte Ltd  are the development Aromatherapy Therapetic Massage Oil matching international quality standards. This rational combination was specifically formulated keeping in mind the needs of all mankinds.

First Time Introduction by the Centre :

  • Aromatherapy Anti Physical Stress now known as Energizer Massage Oil for the first time in  Singapore.
  • Aromatherapy Anti Mental Stress Massage Oil for the first time in Singapore
  • Aromatherapy Anti Hair Loss Oil and Promote Hair Growth - Release  launched for the first time in Singapore
  • Intellectual Capital
  • Today, our R&D Centre has transformed into a training ground for many Body Therapists. Its rich human capital coupled with high quality Aromatherapy  Essential Oils gives it a cutting edge in the field of research and development. Efforts are on to provide Body Therapists  with opportunities to develop their capabilities further through training.
  • We have developed almost 150 products from our Case Studies and Researched & Development.

    Mariati Aromatherapy Massage Oils are produced and manufacturer by Institute of Aromatherapy Enhancement Pte Ltd, we offer a distinctive product line with international standard through a special packaging. Our Olive Massage Oils and Olive Massage Oil with Multi Vitamin has been exhaustive tested for its presence of heavy metal and microbial by TUV Sud, PSB, Singapore and found to be within limit as stipulated in the Control of Cosmetics Guide (Test Reports Ref: SO9CHMO1893-1A-EO and S09CHM01893-2A-1B-EO)

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